Advertising Services

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What we can do:

  • Write a simple business plan which is a framework to plan your new business
  • Develop an integrated marketing plan to expand your business & establish ongoing communications with your existing clients.
  • Complete a time management plan to determine where your time is best spent to increase your revenues
  • Conduct a complete workforce review & analysis...your employees represent your business, they are crucial to your on going success!
  • Help solve an immediate problem such as finding & keeping good help, most efficient way to manage expenses, how to deal with unhappy trainers, parents and or riders...
  • Help create or improve your website & create advertising to drive new clients to your site
  • Become your personal coach through the employment process


  • Advertising services start at $35 per ad.
  • Personal Coaching services average $25 per hour.
  • Business Consulting fees average $50 per hour but pricing varies on size and complexity of project.

Our aim is to fill your business/marketing/human resources gap at your facility by becoming a full service partner.  You may need us for a longer period of time or we may get you on track with one meeting, as such, we believe that we need to be flexible with our pricing.

We fully understand the importance of knowing what any work will cost before embarking upon it, and while some of our pricing is set, some projects are more flexible and are specifically priced for your individual requirements.

Business Consulting Services

Lead Change Solutions

Equine Business Consulting Services

Do you want to:

  • Start your own equine business & not sure how to begin
  • Give your horse business a complete makeover or re-energize
  • Attract more customers and not sure how to reach them
  • Expand your business but not sure if you are going in the right direction
  • Manage your time you can give more lessons, go to more shows, or train more horses
  • Manage your employees more you have the right people,  have you matched your employees skills to the job, how can you lower turnover, how do you find more qualified employees, how do fairly compensate your employees and much more...
  • Trying to land that perfect job...networking, resume writing, interviewing skills and much more...

Looking for more clients to grow your business?  We will help focus on the right advertising for your services.  We can design an ad for just one targeted service or a marketing plan for your entire business....  Very affordable pricing and quick turnaround times... 

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Running your own business puts you into a competitive arena during a very exciting economic environment.  My objective is to help make your equine business more efficient & therefore more profitable.  I do so by providing business solutions to assist you in solving problems that you have when you have limited resources and/or expertise with which to do it yourself or when you just need an objective viewpoint.

We bring decades of corporate executive experience in sales & marketing, human resources, and organizational effectiveness and apply that high level professional business advice to your matter the size.    
Not only will it fit your budget but usually pays for itself through increased productivity!

Lessons, Training, Boarding & Sale Horses...Specialize in Hunter Jumpers!